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Visit island’s highest peak for unforgetting panoramic view

Being situated in between many different National and Nature parks visiting the highest peak and ruines of St.Michaels’ fortress is unforgettable expirience. From there you’ll enjoy amazing panoramic view on over more than 200 islands of the archipelago of Zadar and Kornati National Park, Velebit mountains and the city of Zadar alone. Driving up there on three kilometers long asphalted road you’ll pass by many olive groves and you might even spot the owl or rabbit. The parking is just below the fortress. If you plan to take small children with you beware their security because the ruins are high and unsecured.

Visit famous fisherman place Kali

Place Kali is worldwide known from Atlantic to Pacific for their skilled and expirienced fisherman. Their fleet is the biggest on eastern Adriatic coast. You’ll often find fisherman repairing nets on the waterfront. Best time for visit is during fool moon when the whole fleet is in the port. In August they organize “Tunuara-fishermen’s feast” or fishermen’s nights that last for a few days during which they have a fish stew contest, open air concerts, exhibitions etc…

Swimm to the idyllic islet of Galevac

About 80 m opposite from Preko the idyllic islet of Galevac(Školjić) lies covered with dense vegetation and shelters the 15th century monastery of Franciscan friars of the third order. Its sandy beach makes it a popular swimming sight.

Visit catholic procession “Our Lady of the snow”

The genuine attraction of place Kukljica is the traditional procession by boat on the Feast of Our Lady of the Snow (5th of August), when the statue of Our Lady of the Snow is taken from the votive church of Our Lady of the Snow in the Zdrelascica bay to the parish church of St. Paul in Kukljica. Even if you are not beleiver or do not practice religion this procession is worth visiting because it is a vivid example of the island’s culture, heritage and history. On the same day later in the afternoon and night there is an open air feast, concert and famous donkey race taking place in Kukljica.

Visit famous fiesta in Ceprljanda cove in place Ugljan

Beautiful little cove Ceprljanda in place Ugljan is known for good fiesta that is held on 01.08. There is always some good concert, good food and drinks. Fiesta day usually starts early afternoon with boats parade that is going from one side of place Ugljan to the other following with Big Game Cooking at 20.00 and concert at 21.00.