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In places Susica and Ugljan


The very first thing that comes to your mind is off course going to the beach. As we already explained in text About place Susica you can go to closest ones or the others depending wether you want shade or sun, pebbles, send and wether you want to go explore other beaches outside Susica with a car or bike. For more info about beaches check out description text About places Susica and Ugljan.

Bike paths

Island Ugljan is a popular place for biking. There are many bike paths and roads on the east coast of island that are looking towards city of Zadar and sorrounding Velebit mountains. It’s a beautiful scenery especially at sunset or night. Bike paths and roads on this side are easy and undemanding but on the other side which is looking towards west and islands of Iz and Dugi Otok bike paths are a bit more demanding. Here is the list of most popular paths:

Path No 1-21,5 KM Middle heavy
Ugljan – Guduće – Ljokine – Ugljan, bolnica – U. Prtljug – Doci – Turkija – Grušine – Kanali – Drage – Kali – Nehaj – Kukljica
Path No 2-14,5 KM Easy
Ugljan – Guduće – Ljokine – Ugljan, bolnica – U. Prtljug – Doci – Turkija – Grušine – Polje – Preko
Path No 3-path alongside Ugljan 29 KM Mountain path – heavy
Ugljan – Muline – Guduće – Ljokine – Ugljan, bolnica – U. Prtljug – Doci – Turkija – Grušine – Polje – Sv. Mihovil – Polje – Koludruško – Noršin – Drage – Završće – Kali Glavine – Nehaj – Kukljica
Path No 4-12 KM Easy
Turkija – Doci – U. Prtljug – Ljokine – Dražica – Muline – Gornje selo – Rt Sv. Petar

Path No 5-4,5 KM Easy
Ugljan – Sušica – Stražica – Rt Sv. Petar


Fans of active vacation have many opportunities for sport and recreation like: tennis, sea volleyball, football, cycling, scuba diving, kayak or boat ecc…


Tennis fans have opportunities to play earth playground.Tennis court with lighting, space for hanging around the bar, changing rooms with toilet, parking, is situated in the island of Ugljan, the village of Varos.

Football(mini football):

Sport fields of elementary school have football(mini football actually) and volleyball playgrounds .Every year in summer there is a mini football tournament with tradition over 20 years.

Scuba diving:

If you want to see the real beauty of the “sea garden” it is necessary to take a look deep under sea. There is a plenty of animals and plants .Scuba diving centre Ugljan in the centre of the town organizes scuba diving school and one day excursions under sea guided by a team of experienced instructors.

Renting kayaks and pedal boats:

You can rent a kayak and pedal boat on the hotel Ugljan beach in the center of place.

Beach volleyball:

On the sandy beach of Mostir, in the center of place Ugljan, you can play beach volley. Every summer there is a tournament in beach volleyball during summer festivity.

Fun and entertainment

Since Susica is quiet, peacefull and predominantly family oriented place all the restaurants, konobas, pizzerias and coffee bars are situtated in the center of place Ugljan or in nearest village Muline. Restaurants offers more or less the same kind of food –predominantly seafood/mediterranean cuisine and continental (more red and white meat) is also on the menu. At night you can visit night bar “Ritam” in the center of place Ugljan or take a ferry to the city Zadar and check out it’s nightlife.

Have in mind that last ferry to island Ugljan from Zadar leaves at 23:59 in high season and at 23:00 in low season while from island Ugljan to Zadar leaves at 00:30 in high season and at 22:30 in low season. First ferry from Zadar to island Ugljan leaves early in 05:00 both in high and low season.