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In places Poljana and Preko


The very first thing that comes to your mind is off course going to the beach. As we already explained in text About Poljana you can go to one or the other depending wether you want shade or sun. There are many beaches in the near or you can drive 10-15 min away to other beaches on the island. Just ask us and we will direct you. For more info about beaches check out description text About places Poljana and Preko.


There is a mini football/basketball and ping pong ground in the place. During summer season a mini football competition is going on.

Fun and entertainment

There are two pizzerias and coffee bars in Poljana and bigger place Preko which is only 2 minutes away by car or 15min of walk offers couple of restaurants, konobas, pizzerias, patisseries, coffee bars and open space concerts. You can also rent a bicycle, motor-bike(scooter) and car in Preko or visit an exhibition in gallery/cultural center. At night you can visit night bar “Ritam” in place Ugljan which is 15min away by car or take a ferry to the city Zadar and check out it’s nightlife.

Have in mind that last ferry to island Ugljan from Zadar leaves at 23:59 in high season and at 23:00 in low season while from island Ugljan to Zadar leaves at 00:30 in high season and at 22:30 in low season. First ferry from Zadar to island Ugljan leaves early in 05:00 both in high and low season.