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Many of you who never visited this island probably wonder why should you come here, what makes it different from other islands in the archipelago or nearby places on the continent?

Most important advantage is the combination of peace and proximity of town Zadar with which is connected by many ferryboat lines. Unlike many more famous tourist destination along the Adriatic coast or islands, Ugljan is not overcrowded nor does suffer from hordes of tourists due to the fact that it was never developed for massive tourism. That is his biggest advantage nevermore important than today in the era of massive ready-made tourism that lacks any authenticity. Ugljan was and is in the first place island of hardworking fisherman and farmers that most of their time enjoy fishing by night and working in olive groves and vineyards by day and yet managed to preserve crystal clear sea and coast from massive touristic projects. That actually means you will have contact with local people, blend with them and their lifestyle unlike in massive touristic centers  where you have no experience or feeling being somewhere authentic. Like most islanders we also would like to keep it that way.

Proximity of town Zadar  is what makes this island ideal if you want to combine rest and activity on your vacation. If you don’t feel like taking ferry boat for only 20min to get to town of Zadar you can find many activities and locations on island worth visiting -you can swim, snorkel, ride a bike, play tenis, football, basketball,  volleyball or visit some exhibition, concert, feast or dine in a restaurant.  If you do feel like going to Zadar you will surely be surprised with rich historical and cultural heritage and succesfull combination of modern and ancient architecture. Entertainment and night life in Zadar are especially rich during summer season. Unfortunatelly at the moment there is no disco club on island Ugljan but if you feel like going to one you can choose a couple of them in Zadar. It’s fair to say that Ugljan is more oriented to tourists who seek rest, peace and authenticity. If you are looking for Ibiza like 24/7 house party island or resort this isn’t the island for you. Here you’ll find peace, crystal clear sea, place for your towel on the beach, normal prices, kind people and authentic island life.

Since island Ugljan is situated in between and close to many National and Nature Parks it is almost impossible to visit all of them during one vacation. That is why our permanent guests usually visit one during their vacation and leave other excursions for next year. This is yet another big advantage of this island and region rich in beauties of National and Nature Parks. You can choose mountains with stunning  panoramic viewpoints on Zadar archipelago, lakes, rivers and waterfalls of region inland or swimm in azure crystal clear sea of one of many islands of Zadar archipelago.

Island Ugljan is also world wide famous for skilled and experienced fisherman and their fishing fleet is largest on eastern part of Adriatic sea. That’s why you can be sure you will find only fresh fish in restaurants. Domestic olive oil is among the best in Dalmatia and there are roughly around 700 000 olive trees. First olive press, that is now ruined and partially reconstructed, in place Muline dates from Roman era so we can proudly say that tradition of olive oil production in continuity is approximately 2000 years old. Even though there are many vineyards and local residents selling from good to excelent domestic wine the highest quality wine comes from fertile lands in the backyard of the city of Zadar. If you are interested in visiting any of those wineries/restaurants and family farms we can arrange that but you can also buy wine in special wine stores in Zadar.