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About places Susica and Ugljan

Susica -this beautiful little cove situated at the end of island Ugljan is looking towards impressive Velebit mountains rising above the sea. Susica is actualy a part of bigger place Ugljan which consist of nine smaller hamlets and Susica is one of them. All hamlets that consist place Ugljan can be visited from our house by car within 1 to 5 minutes, by bike within 3 to 20 minutes or by foot within 7 to 45 minutes depending what village are you going to, the closest or the farest one. The nearest shop is only a minute away by car or you can go to the center of place Ugljan where you’ll find three big shops, open market, restaurants, pizzerias, coffe bars, night bar, souvenir shops, diving center, water scooter rent, etc…

Beaches in Susica -the sea here is crystal clear and there are couple of different beaches. Nearest ones are just a minute away by foot. They are either pebble beaches or rocky with pier and pine forest shade. There are also two sand beaches that are just minutes away by car. Both of them are with sand inside. Outside is concrete so you can lay down towels, toys and things. The one in the center of place Ugljan has pizzeria/coffee bar and is just a two minutes away by car from our apartments and the second one in south cove of village Muline is a minute away by car plus 5min away of walk from parking.

Beaches in Ugljan –Since town Ugljan is divided in 9 hamlets there are at least one or more beaches in each of them. The most famous one, sandy beach „Mostire“ is situated in the center of town Ugljan in a beautiful small cove next to the Convent of St.Hieronymus and is ideal for children and non swimmers. During summer you can play volley in the sea, take diving classes in the school near, sip your favorite drink or have an ice cream in pizzeria/coffe-bar next to the beach. Another beach also in the center is in front of the Hotel „Ugljan“. There you can rent sun shades, pedal boats or kayak. „Luka“ is amazing sandy beach in hamlet Muline and can be reached following the path from the parking lot in Muline. It is surrounded by the pine forest where you can find shade and it is suitable for children and non swimmers. Beautiful cove „Ćinta“ also offers a couple of smaller beaches and entrances and is more suitable for swimmers. There are many more beaches that can be reached either by foot, bike or car like „Gaj“ in Batalaža , „Skrača“ in Gornje Selo, „Pavlešina“, „Dražica“ and „Jankova“ in Guduće, „Lučica“ in Fortoština.

Ugljan –situated on the northwestern part of the island it has a long tourist tradition and beside great beaches it also offers restaurants, konobas, pizzerias, patisserie, coffee bars, souvenir shops, grocery stores, open market, diving center etc. Local art gallery is situated above tourist office where various exhibitions are held during and off season. There are some monuments from ancient history –Villa Rustica, a late antiquity mausoleum, remains of an Early Christian period basilica, and the remnants of an 1st century building for oil processing in Muline cove. More info here: http://www.ugljan.hr/