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Happy Easter!


Merry Christmas and happy New Year


The season started

Summer is here! Sea temperatures are already warm around 24°C but they will rise more. Longterm prognosis are very optimistic even for the September so if you still haven’t decide where to go for holidays we still have some free apartments at available prices in September’s post season.

In the meantime check out what’s going on this summer on island Ugljan:

Ugljan 2015

Happy Labour day!

Hi everyone

It’s barbecue time again and we wish you a happy Labour day. Hope you will spend it with your dearest ones and not like those “A je to” guys on the photo:)

We still have some free apartments in pre and post season at affordable prices. If you still have doubts where to spend the rest of your last year holidays we would like to recommend ourselves. In last couple of years late springtime and early summer weather on island Ugljan were amazing.


Happy Easter!

Our site is finally polished and finished. It took us a while but we wanted it to be as good as it can. We still have some free apartments in May and June preseason at available prices!
In the meantime our whole family wishes you a happy Eastern.


Happy New Year!

2014 was a pretty successful year for us  and hopefully next one will be at least same or better. Reconstruction of our web site is at the final stage. It took us a long time because we wanted to do it properly with loads of photos, texts and guides so you can be well informed what we and island offer. At the moment all the texts are available only in english but sometime in the future we will add other languages as well.

To all of you, your families and your dear ones we wish a very healthy, successful  and happy New Year!